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Kaija Spruck

Some more pictures of me and my world can be found here.

The Tomcats

tomcat Gruma tomcat Fizik

Gruma, the "graue Puma" (grey cougar) with the two black dots on the nose, belongs to my husband, while the small Fizik is my first cat. His name, Fizik, is a funny accident. Originally he was named Fistik (Turkish for peanut), but no one could remember that, so we ended up calling him Fitzig instead. When we went to the vet for the first time, we had to decide how we would spell him. We spontaneously came up with "Fizik", to give him an oriental touch. Only when we came home we realised, that Fizik is Turkish for physics...

both tomcats in bed, Fizik is hidden under the blanket

Fizik loves his hammock and his cuddly giraffe, as well as any paper boxes and bags he can reach. Unlike most other cats he does not have a problem with moisture (loves to laze around in the wet sink) and he likes his belly to be ruffled. He enjoys sleeping between us in the bed - under the blanket.

Own Oeuvres

UNfortunately some of my drawings have never been ddocumented but given away and even some of the photographs are not very good. In the following I'd like to show a collection of my oeuvres finished in different years. Sometimes I had a picture to "copy" from, sometimes I had a living object.

drawing musician drawing bull my magnet-animal-mojos - painted my magnet-animal-mojos, originals village village greater mouse-eared bat catching a beetle greater mouse-eared bat red bird 10-min picture, musical instruments standing in a corner celtic cross rose Indian with wild horses jaguar at the water crouching woman woman two women faces spontaneous painting around a mirror as a 18-years-birthday present Mississippi steamer autumn scenery lake with reflection of mountains winter wonderland