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Upon access of web-content or files available for download at this site, your computer transmits a certain amount of data to our web-server. This so-called access data is needed by the server in order to make the desired content available to your computer in the right form. The server also stores this access data in log files.

As a consequence, the following personal data is saved as you visit our site:

  • Your IP address,
  • date and time of access to the content,
  • the requested web-page or file for download,
  • the amount of data transmitted to your computer in bytes,
  • information about your web browser (as far as given by your computer),
  • information about your operating system (as far as given by your computer).

This data is saved for analysis of the server workload and failure diagnostics. It is not made available to any third parties.

Claude Krantz, 6 January 2020.